“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and eat with him... the people who give you their food give you their heart.” Cesar Chavez

"Katie’s cooking classes are fun & informative, & the food she prepares is absolutely delicious. I always learn something new, be it a preparation trick, cooking technique, or nutrition tip. Many of the recipes that Katie has shared have become my new favorite “go-to recipes” for healthy home cooked meals. Whether you’re veg-curious, a newbie vegan, or a life long health nut, I highly recommend Katie’s Healing Kitchen!"

Melissa Martin, Vegenista

"I've been to several of Katie's classes and I always have a great time. Not only are the recipes easy to follow and delicious, but Katie also provides a wealth of information around the food being prepared. She gives you cooking tips, nutritional information, substitutions, etc. I've met so many interesting people and have had great conversations over healthful, yummy food. I always leave Katie's classes with not just a full (and happy!) belly, but a full (and happy!) brain."

Nichole Dinato, Vegan Spin

"Katie is so well versed and knowledgeable in her presentations, giving background information on the foods that will enhance health and wellbeing. She demonstrates and prepares dishes that are very tasty and pleasing to the palate. We get to visually see the dish being made by her, then have the pleasure of tasting that portion of the menu. Everything I have seen made is a feast for the eyes! I have tried the dishes out for my husband who is a fussy eater and to my delight, he has tasted everyone on the menus and has requested some multiple times. He loves them all. I am much more aware of what healthy cooking entails since attending Katie's classes. I feel healthier for having attended the events and will continue to be a supporter of healthier eating habits via Katie Gluck's cooking events."

Dorothy Russell

I've been to both Katie's classes and a pop up brunch she hosted and they were both absolutely delightful. Katie is extraordinarily talented at creating plant-based delicacies that tantalize your taste buds. You will not be disappointed."

Jennifer Nemeth, Reinventing Nutrition