“I find it fundamentally strange that you’re not a dessert person. That’s just weird, and it freaks me out.” Jess on “The New Girl”


Take the stress out of your next party and let us do the catering!

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  • Herbed white cheddar popcorn cups
  • Ginger noodle salad with asian veggies + toasted sesame
  • Sweet n' sour sunflower seed meatballs with charred pineapple
  • Sun dried tomato + basil pate on crispy bread or gluten free cracker
  • Quinoa fritters with house-made ranch
  • Quinoa arancini with San Marzano dipping sauce
  • Caprese crostini (crispy bread with sunflower seed “goat cheese”, basil and sun-dried tomato)
  • Crispy taco potato bites (sunflower seed sausage, sweet potato cheddar, salsa on a crispy potato)
  • Artichoke pesto stuffed mushroom caps
  • Mini lentil taquitos with chipotle crema
  • Chocolate drizzled fruit skewers
  • Black bean brownie bites with coconut whipped cream and strawberries
  • Raw superfood brownie bites w/ dark chocolate ganache
  • Crazy healthy white bean cookie dough truffles
  • Almond lemon lavender cookies
  • Chocolate tofu pot de creme shots w/ whipped cream + berries


  • Loaded caesar salad with cashew dressing, chickpea croutons and brazil nut parmesan
  • Sesame tamari shredded cabbage salad with mandarin oranges, snap peas and bell peppers
  • Mixed green salad with chickpea croutons, avocado, basil and sunflower seed goat cheese
  • Loaded kale salad with buffalo chickpeas and pumpkin seed parmesan 
  • Maple mustard arugula salad with seared tempeh and roasted vegetables
  • Curried red lentil stew with sweet potato and carrots
  • Sweet potato bisque with hemp seed pesto
  • Rosemary minestrone soup with white beans and pasta


  • Kale pesto pasta salad with sunflower seed meatballs and roasted vegetables
  • Veggie loaded pad thai served with an almond butter dressing cilantro and basil
  • Assorted Sprouted Quinoa Pizza......
  • Kale pesto with sunflower seed goat cheese and sunflower seed sausage crumbles 
  • House-made marinara with roasted vegetables and cashew mozzarella 
  • Wild mushroom with cashew mozzarella and truffled arugula 
  • Buffalo cauliflower with house made ranch)
  • Black bean taquitos with cilantro lime rice and chipotle crema
  • Curried roasted cauliflower with basmati rice, toasted pine nuts, cilantro + mint, pomegranate seeds and cucumber yogurt dressing


  • Maple mustard roasted brussels sprouts
  • Roasted cauliflower with tahini garlic dressing
  • Shredded French carrot salad with raisins and walnuts
  • Cilantro lime rice
  • Double stuffed sweet potatoes with chive cashew filling


  • Sweet potato chocolate mousse tower
  • Assorted raw cheesecakes (Chocolate peanut butter, strawberry acai and lemon raspberry)
  • Chocolate hazelnut tart
  • Raw lemon cream tart
  • House-made ice cream sundae bar with all the fixins
  • Black bean brownies
  • Almond chocolate chip cookies
  • Peanut butter cups
  • Raw superfood brownies with chocolate ganache
  • Raw carrot cake with cashew cream cheese frosting


  • Ultimate breakfast sandwich (whole wheat english muffin with sunflower seed sausage, sweet potato cashew cheese sauce and avocado)
  • Bircermuseli (Swiss oat and yogurt pudding) with fresh fruit and grain-free granola
  • Gluten-free bagels with cashew cream cheese
  • Fruit and yogurt chia pudding parfaits
  • Blueberry banana muffins
  • Rosemary potato hash